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April 22, 2018


Personalized Wallets for Him

If you’re looking for a personalized leather wallet for a man, you’re in the right place. I make a variety of leather wallets and billfolds for guys, and they’re all available for personalization. I deboss the initials into the leather the old fashioned way - with metal type heated up to around 300 degrees Fahrenheit and some pressure. This method gives a nice deep, clean impression with the letters. I would never be able to get these results with a laser engraver, which just burns the surface of the leather. In honing my leather working, I’m reminded so often that the timeless methods are the best methods. The picture below is of a Tagsmith personalized leather flat wallet. It has two pockets, one for cash and one for cards. Click here to take a look at all of the wallets I make.

 Personalized Wallets for Him


October 19, 2017


Leather Notebook Covers Just In Time For Christmas Gift Giving

Tagsmith Personalized Leather Notebook Covers

Tagsmith Pocket Notebooks

Tagsmith Notebook Cover with Field Notes Notebook Insert - Open

New item alert! I’ve just added a new leather pocket notebook to my line and it’s already become one of my favorite items. It’s the perfect present for pretty much everyone: friends, loved ones, colleagues, and obviously yourself. Minimal, compact, cool, it’s a great Field Notes cover for your everyday carry. I source the highest quality Horween latigo leather from the Horween Tannery in Chicago, which has been a leading tannery since 1905. I designed this cover very simply for maximum functionality, and take special care to edge the sides of the cover, sand and paint two coats of edge coat by hand, which ensures a nice smooth feel. I was also able to source some high quality elastic imported from Japan. The colors match the leather perfectly, so the look is nicely monochromatic. 

I offer this Tagsmith Leather Notebook Cover in brown, black, and canyon red leather. It can also be personalized with up to three initials. Here are the color combinations:

Black Latigo with stamped initials (No added color) 
Black Latigo with gray foil stamped initials
Brown Latigo with stamped initials (No added color) 
Brown Latigo with black foil stamped initials 
Red Latigo with stamped initials (No added color) 
Red Latigo with black foil stamped initials

I include a Field Notes Brand Original Kraft 3.5” x 5.5” memo book with each cover, as well as a gift box, making it easy to give to everyone on your list.

This cover fits Field Notes, but also these other 3.5” x 5.5” pocket notebooks : Doane Paper, Word Notebooks, and Moleskine Cahier.

Knock some people off your holiday gift-giving list today!

September 09, 2017


New About Leather Page with Video

Horween Leather

 I’ve just added a page to explaining a little bit about the leather I use to make all of my products. The three types of leather I enjoy working with most these days are veg-tan, bridle and latigo – each beautiful and unique in their own way. Since I first started making leather goods, I put a lot of time and energy into sourcing the absolute highest quality materials. I knew that if I was going to put my brand on it, it better be something I was proud of, that would last for years, and that I would want to carry myself. There are two American tanneries that I have always been a fan of: Wickett & Craig of America and Horween. These companies have a history and a reputation that is undeniable. Once I felt their leather, I was inspired to design and create the quality leather goods that I’ve built the Tagsmith reputation on.    

 One of my favorite days as a leatherworker is the day I receive a shipment of new hides. The smell when I first take them out of the box, unrolling the sides, feeling the rich texture… they’re so full of potential, and I just can’t wait to start making. I shot a fun video of several sides of black, red and brown Horween latigo leather sitting on my workbench. I couldn’t convey that smell, but I hope that I got across some of the excitement I enjoy with every new shipment. You can really get a sense for the raw materials of leatherworking, and how truly gorgeous this leather is, straight from the legendary Horween tannery. Check it out, and as always, thanks for visiting

May 30, 2017


Personalized Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Still looking for a personalized Father’s Day gift idea? Well, you’re in the right place because I make some really great ones. Dads are awesome, and I’m not just saying that because I’m a dad. I thought that way before I became a father. So do him a solid and buy him something of quality, something that will last, and something he will use and love. Because he puts up with you, and he deserves a cool gift that shows he taught you well.  

My shop is full of dad-friendly presents, like the Tagsmith Folding Leather Business Card Holder (as seen in the pic below). As with all of my items, I use the highest quality full grain American tanned leather. Two interior pockets keep his cards handy. This card case can also be used as a small wallet. Each pocket can hold two credit cards, making it a nice streamlined choice for the man who only carries his essentials.

For the maximalist dad who needs space to securely hold his cards and cash, my Classic Five Pocket Wallet is a strong choice. One large pocket holds bills, while 4 interior pockets keep his cards at the ready. The edges are burnished for a monochromatic, finished look. Constructed for durability, this wallet is a workhorse, sure to be by his side for years to come.  

Sometimes, a personalized key fob is the perfect thoughtful gift. This perpetual customer favorite is crafted from full grain leather and substantial nickel-plated hardware. Available with 1, 2, or 3 initials, it’s a subtle, classic way for Dad to keep tabs on his keys.

If these items aren’t exactly what you think Dad will dig, check out my shop for other contenders. Everything I make can be personalized, so it’s easy to give a gift that feels right.

Personalized Father’s Day Gift Ideas

PS Whatever you do don’t buy him a plastic fish to hang on the wall that sings a Kenny Loggins song when you push the button. He doesn’t want that. Sure. he’ll act like it’s the best thing he’s ever seen because he loves you. But, no.

January 08, 2017


Personalized Leather Anniversary Date Keychain for Him or Her

 Good news! I’ve finally added my personalized anniversary date keychain to my website. I’ve been selling it on Etsy for a few years and people love it, but since it’s personalized with a few possible options, I needed to find a webmaster to make a custom web page for it. People often buy it as a gift to give a loved one to celebrate an anniversary or date a couple first met. It’s also a great long distance relationship gift idea. You can get a two-sided fob with a date on one side and a heart, ampersand or plus symbol separating two initials on the other. You can also go with just one side with date or initials on it. Click here to order your Tagsmith Anniversary Keychain

September 12, 2016


EDC Pocket Dump Minimalist Wallet

EDC pocket dumps are awesome, and they’re even more awesome when something I’ve made is included in the photo. This picture was taken by a customer of mine whose every day carry for the last four years has included one of my natural veg-tan leather minimalist wallets. It’s cool to see how each individual piece of leather ages. They all age so differently, depending on environment, how it’s handled, if it’s gotten wet, if it’s been conditioned, exposed to sunlight, etc. This wallet is developing some really nice character and patina. I know it’s one of my older pieces because it has my old maker’s mark on it. The one I use now is more subdued. It is a smaller type and just reads “Tagsmith” without the “Made in USA”. All my items are still handcrafted in the USA by me from American tanned leather, of course. The minimalist is available in natural veg-tan, black English bridle leather and dark brown English bridle leather. You can have this wallet personalized with up to three initials, as well. Click this link to order your own minimalist wallet. If you post a pic of a Tagsmith item on Instagram, make sure to use the hashtag #tagsmithoriginals so I can check it out. I look forward to seeing your photos.

March 20, 2016


New Men’s Wallet Design

Wallets for Men Handcrafted by Tagsmith

Men's Leather Wallets Handcrafted by Tagsmith

I’m happy to announce that I’ve added a new men’s credit card wallet to my line. It’s my take on the classic billfold wallet that originated in the 1960s, when people started carrying multiple credit cards. I made one of these for myself about six years ago, and it’s the perfect wallet for me. I’m offering it in dark brown bridle leather or black bridle leather with either matching or red stich. I’m using my favorite American tanned leather by Wickett & Craig of America. You have the choice of four credit card pockets and one currency pocket or six credit card pockets and one currency pocket.

Here’s the links:
Men’s Five Pocket Wallet
Men’s Seven Pocket Wallet

January 07, 2016


Personalized Groomsmen Gift Wallets

These flat wallets make great personalized groomsmen gifts. They're made out of USA vegetable tanned leather and are available with up to three initials hot stamped into the leather.

November 28, 2015


Small Handmade Leather Minimalist Wallets

Tagsmith Leather Minimalst Wallets

Here's a fresh batch of small leather minimalist wallets. A perfect fit for people who want to carry a small one pocket wallet. You can order it here Minimalist Wallet.

November 08, 2015


Business Card Holder VS Bifold Wallet

Business card holder & bifold wallet

Sometimes I get emails from customers asking what the difference is between the Tagsmith folding business card holder and bifold walllet. They are the same, except the business card holder is smaller. Each pocket in the business card holder accommodates around 15 standard size 3.5” x 2” business cards. The bifold wallet holds around 10 credit cards per side. Click the links below to go to each item's page:

Tagsmith Folding Business Card Holder

Tagsmith Bifold Wallet