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Got To Stay Sharp

These are the knives and sharpening implements I use on a daily basis. The top knife is a trim knife and the bottom knife is called a head knife. The trim knife is used by pulling it toward you and the head knife is used by pushing it away. I use the head knife a lot to cut short pieces of leather using what is called a roll cut. Basically, roll the blade as you apply pressure to cut the leather. On the far left, you’ll see the strop board I use. This is what I use the most to keep my blades in working order. This strop board is made by hand by Douglass Tools. It has horse hide on each side. On the other side, I apply Douglass’ own “grit” and on this side I use red jeweler’s rouge before I strop the blades. The two sharpening stones you see in the picture are ceramic. The dark one is a medium grit and the lighter one is a fine grit. I only use the medium every once in a while to get the edge back. Most of the time the fine stone takes care of it.

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