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April 02, 2020

Mothers Day Gift - Personalized Leather Keychain with Custom Quote

Let’s face it… great mothers deserve to be celebrated a lot more often than just one day a year. The least we can do to pay them back for all that they’ve done for us is to get them something they’ll love on their special day. But as we all know from experience, the perfect Mother’s Day gift is not easy to find. You want something sweet and sentimental, but not corny or over the top. And bonus points if you can find a gift that they can actually carry with them and find useful. Well, fear not, Friends. The Tagsmith Personalized Leather Keychain is here to rescue you from the despair of your gift shopping abyss.

When it comes to gift giving, nothing beats a personalized present, and this beautiful key fob hits all the marks. It’s made from the highest quality 4-5 oz full grain leather tanned in the USA, along with a durable 1 ¼” nickel-plated keyring. I hand coat and burnish the sides for a finished look. And the best part about it is the customization. You can get creative and write your own special message to Mom, or include her favorite quote that I can laser engrave on the keychain. You can request text on one or both sides, up to 5 lines per side, 25 characters per line, including spaces. 

This personalized keychain allows you to give Mom exactly what you think would make her the happiest. And every time she looks at it, it’ll be a great reminder that she has a super awesome, thoughtful kid, not some ne’er-do-well who waits until the last minute to order something online (If this is you, your secret is safe with me.).