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New About Leather Page with Video

Horween Leather

 I’ve just added a page to explaining a little bit about the leather I use to make all of my products. The three types of leather I enjoy working with most these days are veg-tan, bridle and latigo – each beautiful and unique in their own way. Since I first started making leather goods, I put a lot of time and energy into sourcing the absolute highest quality materials. I knew that if I was going to put my brand on it, it better be something I was proud of, that would last for years, and that I would want to carry myself. There are two American tanneries that I have always been a fan of: Wickett & Craig of America and Horween. These companies have a history and a reputation that is undeniable. Once I felt their leather, I was inspired to design and create the quality leather goods that I’ve built the Tagsmith reputation on.    

 One of my favorite days as a leatherworker is the day I receive a shipment of new hides. The smell when I first take them out of the box, unrolling the sides, feeling the rich texture… they’re so full of potential, and I just can’t wait to start making. I shot a fun video of several sides of black, red and brown Horween latigo leather sitting on my workbench. I couldn’t convey that smell, but I hope that I got across some of the excitement I enjoy with every new shipment. You can really get a sense for the raw materials of leatherworking, and how truly gorgeous this leather is, straight from the legendary Horween tannery. Check it out, and as always, thanks for visiting

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