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January 07, 2016


Personalized Groomsmen Gift Wallets

These flat wallets make great personalized groomsmen gifts. They're made out of USA vegetable tanned leather and are available with up to three initials hot stamped into the leather.

November 28, 2015


Small Handmade Leather Minimalist Wallets

Tagsmith Leather Minimalst Wallets

Here's a fresh batch of small leather minimalist wallets. A perfect fit for people who want to carry a small one pocket wallet. You can order it here Minimalist Wallet.

November 08, 2015


Business Card Holder VS Bifold Wallet

Business card holder & bifold wallet

Sometimes I get emails from customers asking what the difference is between the Tagsmith folding business card holder and bifold walllet. They are the same, except the business card holder is smaller. Each pocket in the business card holder accommodates around 15 standard size 3.5” x 2” business cards. The bifold wallet holds around 10 credit cards per side. Click the links below to go to each item's page:

Tagsmith Folding Business Card Holder

Tagsmith Bifold Wallet

September 09, 2015


Thanks to Burger Sketch

A big thanks to Burger Sketch for including some Tagsmith items in this awesome sketch.

August 04, 2015


Custom Everyday Carry Pocket Size Leather Notebook Covers

Everyday Carry Pocket Size Leather Notebook Covers

Here’s a couple of pocket size leather covers for small reporter-style notebooks I made for a customer: one opens like a book, the other opens vertically. They’re really perfect for everyday carry. I’m considering adding the Rhodia cover to my line. I really like how the pocket on the inside came out.

June 23, 2015


Primer Magazines Summer Get Up: T-Shirt and Shorts Kind of Day

Thanks to Primer Magazine for showcasing my handmade leather bifold wallet in their T-shirt and Shorts Kind of Day feature. If you’re not familiar with Primer Magazine, you should check it out. It's an online men’s lifestyle magazine aimed at 20-something post-college guys, but men of all ages can get a lot out of their articles. Besides covering men’s style and fashion, they also cover everything you need to know about being a grown-up, like career, relationships and finances. They also have an excellent weekly feature called “The Field Manual” in which they have a new drink suggestion every Friday.
June 08, 2015


Got To Stay Sharp

These are the knives and sharpening implements I use on a daily basis. The top knife is a trim knife and the bottom knife is called a head knife. The trim knife is used by pulling it toward you and the head knife is used by pushing it away. I use the head knife a lot to cut short pieces of leather using what is called a roll cut. Basically, roll the blade as you apply pressure to cut the leather. On the far left, you’ll see the strop board I use. This is what I use the most to keep my blades in working order. This strop board is made by hand by Douglass Tools. It has horse hide on each side. On the other side, I apply Douglass’ own “grit” and on this side I use red jeweler’s rouge before I strop the blades. The two sharpening stones you see in the picture are ceramic. The dark one is a medium grit and the lighter one is a fine grit. I only use the medium every once in a while to get the edge back. Most of the time the fine stone takes care of it.
May 20, 2015


Personalizing Hot Stamp Type

Personalizing Hot Stamp Type
This is a picture of one of the trays of foundry type I use to personalize my handmade leather goods. I put the letters in a holder, and then put that holder in my hot stamp machine. When the type is heated to 350 degrees, I apply the type to the leather, leaving debossed letters in the leather. They are referred to as “debossed” because the letters are recessed in relation to the top of the leather. Sometimes people mistakenly refer to this as embossed. Embossed actually means the letters are raised. All of my type is made by a type maker in Los Angeles.
May 13, 2015


Minimalist Wallet Getting the Final Touches

Here's a video of me edging one of my natural veg-tan minimalist wallets. I made this video for Instagram a while back and thought I'd load it on my new blog for the people who missed it on Instagram. Click this link Leather Minimalist Wallet if you would like to buy one. As of now, I make them in natural, black bridle and dark brown bridle.

Update: Here's a blog post with a picture a customer posted on Instagram of a natural veg-tan minimalist wallet I made over four years ago. Check out his EDC Pocket Dump.

May 06, 2015


Personalized Wedding Favors

Personalized Wedding Favors
Here's part of a batch of personalized wedding favors I've been working on for a couple who is getting married in June. They're planning to put one at each of their guest's place setting. These personalized key fobs are made from 4-5 oz natural veg-tan leather. If you would like to do the same, or just order one for yourself, you can do it by clicking this link Personalized Wedding Favor Key Fobs