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About Tagsmith

I was born in rural Missouri, and moved to Southern California when I was 11 years old.  I’m a hybrid of the sticks and the beach – I’m town and country, baby!

For years, I played in roots rock bands and developed an eye for style and street fashion.  I also enjoyed wrenching on classic cars and being part of the Kalifornia Kar Kulture.  My aesthetic was influenced by the West Coast punk/alternative country scene, along with traditional western gear, Americana, and Old California style.

When I was 19, I wanted a leather strap for my electric bass and couldn’t find one I liked.  So I made my own, and had the strap that I wanted.  At that time, I was too into playing in bands to keep the leather work going.  Then, years later, I wanted a leather cuff watch and again, couldn’t find one I thought was cool, so I figured out how to make the one I wanted.  But this time, I was mature enough to appreciate what I had done, and became hooked on the process of creating what I viewed was a piece of art.

I started making gifts and taking custom orders from friends, fellow musicians, and other Hollywood creative types.  This inspired me to study leatherworking with a master leather artisan for two years.  He taught me how to create quality leather goods using my own original aesthetic.

As I hone my skills as a leather artisan, I’m inspired by my own personal history, and have also gained a deep appreciation for the leather craftsmen who were historically the heart of many of the European luxury brands.  I also try to incorporate their eye for subtlety into my creations.

I’m sure you’ll like TAGSMITH tags as much as I like making them – let the adventures begin!


Los Angeles, California